what to do, what to do

What to do with the blog?

Do we turn it into a movie review sight?

The first Elizabeth was way better than the second Elizabeth  – even though both movies starred the SAME lady and the second movie had Clive Owen, who is hot (This  is the most true sentence I have ever written.)


Do we post about our feelings and stuff?

I was shopping with a friend last week and we were in the dreaded meatpacking district, land of entitled European 24 year old girls with Daddy’s Black Amex. We were both offended by the way these kids (“those kids?” lord, I’ve become THAT lady) treated waitresses, shop girls, cabbies. I mean the invincibility that these damn kids emminated was just infuriating. They had no idea how lucky they were, they’re safe, they’ve never looked down the barrel of a proverbial gun…not like Jack.  

My friend had herself lived through some pretty traumatic experiences in the past year and I looked her and quietly said, without thinking, “they don’t know, do they? I mean, it’s not like bad shit ever happened to them.” And I wasn’t comparing our bad years, it was more that we had both lived through something we were completely unprepared for and we’re still dealing with it. Those kids (okay, I’ll own it), nothing bad had ever happened to them, and maybe if they’re really lucky it never will. I was envious of their obliviousness, I was like that once (minus the Black Amex of course.)


Or do we just keep on Mommy/Daddy blogging for posterity?

Because today the boy got his second haircut and had lunch at Jackson Hole. Not one teton joke was made all day.


I’ve been feeling a bit split between boy blogging and other stuff and that has clearly showed in the lack of postings and/or posting quality.  My middle name should have been ambivalence…

QTVR: Of the house!

Ok, this is a quicktine VR movie of the house in Jackson. You can drag your mouse around inside the video and move around. Neat-o!

[quicktime width=”480″ height=”360″]http://media.dandyjack.com/20070902_jacksonbackyard.mov[/quicktime]

Oh Hai

I can’t help it LOL Cats crack me up. I am a huge dork.


No pictures today, just a quick update to let you know that Jack is not only crawling but he a) he took his first supported steps and b) he pushed himself up to a sitting position all by himself.

He’s 1 on Monday. I suspect there will be some posts of some kind of value between now and then.