Beach Baby

Jack spent the weekend at the Shore. He went to the beach, and stayed up late, and spent some quality time with a tamborine emblazened with the image of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ’s praying hands. He was OBSESSED with the tamborine.

We think he’s going to rebel by becoming ultra religious. Or at the very least a Republican. That would be a very Alex P. Keaton thing to do.

Besides shaking the tamborine, he ate some sand (yes really), and talked back to the ocean and certainly was much more interested in the water this time around. We think the 70 degree ocean temp may have had something to do with it.

Ila coming back from the beach:

ila in bayhead

Jack, “eating” lunch:
50% on face

Weekend in East Hampton.

We had a lovely weekend at Great Grandma Dorothy’s house. She has had her house in East Hampton since before the Hamptons was “The Hamptons”. One of the great things about knowing a fulltime resident of EH is that they all get access to Georgica Beach, where the Swells go to sun themselves. Thats a pretty nice treat when you’re from the rough-and-tumble Upper West Side of Manhattan, like we are.

As I mentioned earlier, Jack had his first encounter with the ocean. And while I didn’t end up just throwing him in, he did try it out, as you can see below. I was slightly disappointed because Jack did’nt even try to eat a fistfull of sand, although, I am assured by Gran E that I’ll get my chance. In the end, I would say that Jack’s first trip to the ocean had mixed results, but we’ve mooched our way into a weekend at the Jersey shore in two weeks, so he wont have to wait long to try it again.

Bottom line for the weekend: Lobster dinner is delicious and there is nothing funnier than seeing a baby that is simultaneously terrified and fascinated by the water.

Dorothy and Jack

Playing with Great Grandma Dorothy.

Dorothy and Jack

More playing.

Assesing the situation

“It’s new, but I can handle it”

Step one. inspect water.

“Whats all the fuss about? Drop me in there!”

Step two: realize that water is scary.


Philly Block Party!

This weekend we went to Grammy Hope’s house for a block party. As I’m sure you can imagine, Jack was a big hit. Apparently, Grammy Hope has been keeping the whole block up to date on Young Master Jacks progress, so when they finally had a chance to meet him it was cause for celebration. And as though a whole roasted pig and Grammy Hope wasn’t enough, Great Grandpa Abe was there too! Frankly, I cant decide which one of them is more dashing, but I can tell you that there is a mere 89.5 year age difference between them and I think thats neat.

Abe and Jack

Abe and Jack

party animal


Edited by Sarah to add
My husband neglected to mention the Blind Albino DJ at my mother’s block party. Said DJ introduced my son (and my poor uncultured husband) to the chicken dance. It was awesome in so many ways.