Milestone week

Jack, Arch and I went to the NICU last friday. We walked in the entrance and announced, “it’s Jack” and all of sudden there were nurses pouring out of doors, or at least it felt that way. His two primary nurses were there and it was remarkable to us how much they remembered of our stay there. They remembered how worried I was about his little nose and how Arch would turn just white as a sheet during really bad brady’s. But mostly, they were so amazed at him today.  They were asking about his weight and height, and if we still kangaroo (answer: yes, archie does). They loved watching him walk around,  and when he started blowing kisses I was expecting panties to be thrown, it was like a rockstar had walked into the room. 

Indeed the nurse papparazzi decided to break out the polaroid to get an updated picture of Jack today for the wall of graduates.  It was a nice visit and it reminded me that these amazing women did so much for us, the least we can do is show them the result of all their hard work and skill.

Then, we all went and had a nice a beer.


This past weekend we went to Smith Playhouse for the first of two birthday parties for Jack. Since he has so many grandparents, we do our best to accomodate (ahem, take advantage of) their desire to shower the child with gifts.  Jack, needless to say, cleaned up. The big hits include an easel from my Mom, some wooden balls from my dad and a bag that says “trust fund baby” from my mom’s friend Deb, that Jack has taken to carrying around like a purse.

He also had a LOT of sugar:


And went down Smith’s famous wooden slide many, many times:

There are no pictures on the front page?

EDIT — It was time for a new look around here. Whadda ya think?

Last Sunday was a pretty huge day. First, we went to the Central Park Zoo with Sarah’s cousin Rick and girlfriend and her 2 children. We saw seals, monkeys and of course, the polar bears. Fun was had by all

Then, it was off to celebrate Maddys first birthday, so we hopped in a cab and zipped on over to the westside for some serious partying. There was cake and presents and balloons and balloons and balloons and balloons and balloons, oh did I mention that Jack likes balloons?


Mom and Jack


Jack and a yellow ballon 

Marching of the Dimes

Last year we didn’t dare participate in the March of Dimes due to the RSV threat, which was at def-con level III all winter and spring.

This year, it’s a different story.

Jack is going to be walking (and yes, the child is walking, right now he’s doing it with an empty Sierra Nevada bottle in his hand, but you know, whatever makes the kid go, right?) and so am I.

I suspect we may have a grandmother or two in tow as well…

Donations of any size are welcome. Know that your donation will help babies like Jack, and families like us and that we are forever grateful for your love and support.

Thank you.