Day 2.

Jack is doing well today.

He had a ultrasound of the head to check for Intraventricular hemorrhage, which came back normal. Thats a big relief, although, they will repeat the test periodocally over the next weeks.

No new pictures, and his mother Sarah is too bashfull to let me post any of her recovering. I’m thinking I’ll get her to agree once she takes her next percocet.

First Post

Jack's first photo

Sunday, August 27th, 2006 Jack Kaden arrived. 27 weeks old and 2 pounds and 4 ounces. Breathing on his own and rocking out in his underpants.

I realize that he doesn’t look so hot right now, but he is actually doing very well for being substantially undercooked. He has an IV and a feeding tube in his belly button, as well as an oxygen tube to help him keep his lungs inflated.

He wiggles around a lot, which they tell us is a good sign.