Not so fast.

Ok. well apparently, Jack went back on the cannula last night, ’cause he was having more desatts.


This is what I mean when I write that everything ends in “for now”. It’s frustrating, ‘casue I feel like he’s progressing in leaps and bounds, but then we have another setback. I mean, it’s not a big setback or anything, but still. I want him at home with me, and a setback, however small, lengthens the time before that happens. AAARG!!!

They tell us that they are going to try again tonight, so stay tuned. He may even finally cross over to the big five pound mark today. Who knows?


It is very very very important for everyone to know that today, October 25th 2006, my mother Ellen Safir, visited Jack at the NICU. I love my mother very much. Thank you for coming mom!

Now, on to our regularly scheduled post…

We’ve secretly been using this revolutionary new product every time we go to the NICU, and all I can tell you is that it really works! Jack is now off of the cannula and breathing regular room air (which is 21% oxygen by the way).

To celebrate, Jack said “to heck with it” and had a second piece of chocolate cake. The really crazy part is that you’d never know that he was such a nut for the chocolate, ’cause he simply refuses to flip over the five pound marker. As of 5 minutes ago, Jack was weighing in at 4 pounds and 15.8 ounces. Damnit!

In this first pic, he is working very very hard on a poop. Luckly, he didn’t succeed until after Sarah and I left, ’cause from the look of things, it was a doozy.

No Cannula


Bath Time!

Jack has a bath last night, He didn’t like it at first, but when he got out and all wrapped up, thats when he started crying.


I think that we may be out of the grams game. My baby is big enough to be weighed in pounds. Thats right, P O U N D S!!

And to kick things off…

Jack weights four pounds and eleven ounces. Nearly 5 pounds. He’s HUUUUUUGGEEE! All his nurses tell us so. He drank his entire 8:00pm feeding of 40cc’s of milk from a bottle last night (expertly administered by yours truly), clearly the reason for his massive growth spurt.

Server Troubles

I apologize for not providing a way for you to waste time at the office, while indulging your obsessive-compulsive desire to hit of the refresh button in the hope of reading a Jack update before anyone else. We had some server troubles and I’m hoping they’re behind us now.

Now on to the update…

Jack is no longer on caffeine. They’ve been giving it to him his whole life to stimulate his heart and lungs, but no more. His ticker is doing just fine, and his lungs are well on their way.

I’ll bet he was a little cranky after not getting is double espresso today though. I tend to get a little pissed if i don’t get mine, and I’m a total basketcase fairly well adjusted semi grown-up. Jack might not be so understanding.

Grandpa Ray stopped by today and got a quick look at the Jack. And according to him, “Jack is the best baby ever” So he’s got that goin’ for him… which is nice.


Can you say….


Thats right, the boy is off of the CPAP and on to greener pastures! As you’ll see in the pictures, he still has a Velcro mustache, but it was only there so that they could get him back on the CPAP in a hurry if necessary. It may be gone already, ’cause the initial reports are that he’s doing will on cannula, I’ll have an update tomorrow. Also, I changed Jacks “famous” diapers today. I gotta say that while I was prepared for the worst, it was totally no biggie. A little poop. And while I was changing him, he peed on my hand a bit. I didn’t even care. I’m a parent now, my kid can pretty-much do whatever he wants right now and I’ll think its just swell. Heh.

Suddenly, it occurs to me that this is a permanent record of this part of Jacks life, and that whole “he can do whatever..” part might come back to haunt me in about 16 years…

Sarah got to do a little kangaroo care today as I took approximately one million pictures. So without further adieu…

Mom and Jack

Mom and Jack

Mom and Jack

Mom and Jack