My Miracle Cold Cure.

Well, I haven’t posted in a while but it’s ’cause I’ve just gotten over a cold. I’m not blogging about having a cold, I’m blogging about how I got cured. See, I used this brand-new super-medicine to heal myself. It’s not even FDA approved, but man i”m telling you… if you can get your hands on some of this stuff everything that ales you will be cured in no time at all.


It sounds like something out of Harry Potter

Our good friend Katherine pointed out that there is a glaring omission on this blog. We still haven’t really said why Jack showed up so early.

So in the interest of full disclosure I am telling you that the “story of Jack’s arrival” will be complete by the end of the month. Why? I am hoping it will be therapeutic as I have a touch of PTSD and PPA that is making life with me super-duper fun. So, I am setting a personal deadline. Enough of this nonsense.

As for the title of this post? I was thinking of the first thing that came to my head when I heard my diagnosis… placento abrupto.

Man down

No. Not Jack. He’s totally cool. In fact, right now he is rockin’ it on the lap of our part-time sitter in the living room.

I am referring to me – and my broken second-to-littlest toe, you know, “the little piggy that had none.” Well that toe was broken in a tragic 3 AM feeding incident involving a coffee table leg.

broken toe

Despite his mother’s injury, Jack has had a pretty uneventful first week at home. He spent much of that first week in his bassinet next to the bed. This close proximity led to some serious anxiety on my part and we have since transitioned him to his crib, with it’s baby-crack-mobile. This thing is genius! We’re all mesmerized by it.

We had not one, not two, but three doctor appointments this week. We saw the pediatrician twice and the ophthalmologist once. As of Tuesday, Jack had gained 9 ounces since being home(!) The ophthalmologist’s visit was also positive. No further progression of ROP was seen so now we just watch, no more surgery.

Despite all the gripping about lack of sleep, injuries and what have you, having Jack home is just amazing. Even Hollis is begining to think so…

Not much to report

Well, today was a pretty much totally average day. Really. Jack ate, pooped and slept. His eyes are recovering nicely and they upped him to 40cc’s of milk per feeding. He’s getting the hang of the eating/breathing/swallowing thing, so the he’s having fewer desatts while he’s eating, which is nice.

This post is lame, so I’m going to bed. It’s 11:48pm. Really. You should go to bed too.

The day in photos

Jack weighs 5 pounds and 3 ounces. He had his vaccinations. His eye exam is tomorow to check on ROP. I am nervous about it. Here is a photo essay on Jack’s afternoon.

1. Sneak peak.

2. Cross-eyed bottle action.

3. Milk drunk.

4. Stinky diaper.

5. The Nuk!

sneak peak


drunk on milk

stinky diaper

the nuk!