Baby Proofing Party Time

The first words a doctor used to describe Jack when he was just about 3 seconds old was “he’s such a little wiggler.”

That is still true today, although now he’s also a roller and a grabber of pretty much everything, but specifically remote controls and cell phones. Usually while someone is using them.

Anyway. About 3 weeks ago, before Jack had really gotten the hang of the whole rolling thing, we could still plunk him down in the middle of the bed and turn our backs to say, I don’t know, open a drawer, turn on the air conditioner. Now? Not so much, as evidenced by Friday night’s recent tumble off of our bed. There was about 5 seconds of silence and then a blood curdling scream… Needless to say baby proofing has been stepped up a notch around here.

Good Morning Jack

In the mornings, one of us gets up at around 6:00 to retrieve Jack from his crib. A quick bottle and diaper change and then we head back to bed for a just a few more minutes before the day begins.

Sometimes, if we’re lucky, Jack will nod back off in our bed, which is great for snuggle time, but its not exactly the best motivator for getting up ourselves…

Stretching and belly-rubbing is part of the daily routine,  which I assume he learned from his mother. ‘Cause I would never do that… every single morning… ever.



I have food poisoning. Or maybe a virus. We can’t decide. Whatever it is won’t go away and has made me prone to vomiting and wandering into the living room waving the Braun ThermoScan (god, I love that thing) around, just to prove that yes, my fever is really 102.2 degrees and yes, you really really should feel sorry for me.

My husband is saint-like in these situations.*

When I am sick, or Arch is sick, we tend to steer clear of the child, never knowing if what we have may infect him in a far worse way than what we are suffering. So far Jack appears unscathed by this particular illness, but steering clear means that Arch is doing the lion’s share of the childcare around here. I am jealous.

Because honestly, what could make a Mom feel better than a little cuddle with her Son? Just a little one?

*can be retracted or amended at any time.

It’s working! It’s working!

Last night my son went to sleep at 8pm. He fussed (not shrieked) for 15 minutes and then promptly slept until 7AM, when I woke him up.

His occupational therapist attributed some of his fussiness in the past 10 days to some major developmental achievements. The kid has been working hard. As of today Jack:

1) Rolls from his back to his right side (well, mostly)
2) Sits unsupported for about 30 seconds at a time.
3) Passes toys back and forth in front of him (we’ve learned that his fine motor skills are ahead of his gross motor skills).
4) He is also working very hard to get those feet into his mouth (180 degree hip flexion is a big milestone for preemies who tend to be either too flexible or too stiff in their hips).

He is officially on 3 solid meals a day, although he is still not down with peas.

He continues to boggle us with his enormousness. We folded up the Oeuf Baby Lounger because it was bending almost all the way back when we put Jack in it. We brought out our Phil and Ted’s MeToo Chair for feedings, although I think we need to start investigating real high chair options soon.

We also moved to the “big boy” seat in the Quinny Buzz , an event that had Archie strutting around the house. Men and strollers? Who knew there would be such a market?!

Random Updates on Various Things

Jack is still crying it out. I am heavily medicating myself at night. We alternate between 1/2 and 1 hour of full out screaming on Jack’s part, and then immediate deep sleep, also on Jack’s part. The good news is that we’ve now moved the whole CIO experience up to to 8:30. By the time he’s 12, I expect him to go down with out a fight, really.

I am currently serving jury duty in civil court. I am not a fan. A full description will follow after the case closes, but suffice to say, other people’s little tics (slurping coffee, picking nails, constant throat clearing) CRAZY MAKING. And I am not even talking about the plaintiff.

Also? This is the best part of the week by far, Madeline Luz Myers arrived on Tuesday, May 1st at 2:51 pm. All 7 pounds 6 ounces of her. Her parents, Jake and Amanda, are thrilled to have such a beautiful little girl. Jack is very much looking forward to holding hands with her.