Things about my husband

This format is blatently ripped from another blog, but for the life of me, I can’t remember whose – if you know, let ME know and I’ll give credit where credit is due.

Things that drive me absolutley ape-shit bonkers about the father of my child:

1) Dude. The dishwasher is RIGHT there. You know, under the spot where you just merrily placed your dirty dishes. I said UNDER, man UNDER!

2) Shaving residue.  Thank you for shaving. It means a lot to me. But the whiskers in the sink? With mouthwash residue daintly poured over them? I don’t have the words.

3) The regularity. At 10:30 AM, every morning, I can tell you EXACTLY where you will find the father of my child.

Things I like about my husband:

1) That he will always try to make sure I am well fed…just as my blood suger is plummeting he takes a deep breath, remembers not to take it personally, and hands me a cliff bar.

2) That on mother’s days Jack (read: Archie) got me a new bottle of my favorite scent. I didn’t even have to tell him I was out, he noticed, and took care of it. So thoughtful, so observant…Wolfie’s just fine dear.

3) That you can already see that Jack wants to be just like him. Jack follows him around with big moon eyes just drinking the man up.  Some little boys play with cars, other’s have tool sets. Not Jack. He has his own laptop and would love nothing better than to sit on Arch’s lap all day long, banging away on the keys and looking up at his dad for approval.

I am a lucky lady with various plumbing issues.



Our doctor has a sense of humor!

On Jack’s discharge papers he said,

“no SCUBA diving.”

And those are medical instructions we can follow. No SCUBA diving, with Jack, until those dang tubes fall out on their own.

The patient is doing well. He was ravenous after not eating all morning and considers the cherry bubblegum smell of the anesthesia NOT at all pleasing. Other than some mild trauma to the parents all is well.

Also? Did you know that they can administer tylenol rectally? Consider yourself informed.


they got yo gabba gabba in the waiting room 

Watching Yo Gabba Gabba in the pre-op waiting room. That damn show follows us around, I swear

Marching of the Dimes

Last year we didn’t dare participate in the March of Dimes due to the RSV threat, which was at def-con level III all winter and spring.

This year, it’s a different story.

Jack is going to be walking (and yes, the child is walking, right now he’s doing it with an empty Sierra Nevada bottle in his hand, but you know, whatever makes the kid go, right?) and so am I.

I suspect we may have a grandmother or two in tow as well…

Donations of any size are welcome. Know that your donation will help babies like Jack, and families like us and that we are forever grateful for your love and support.

Thank you.

Hawkin’ the moment

What’s so strange about having a “preemie” is that you become obsessed, truly obsessed, with milestones. I am sure that we are not the only set of parents whose heart swells with pride, love, amazement when their baby does something totally and completely normal…but we’re going to brag again anyway.

Last year, this is where we were. Today, I cried because Jack pulled himself up to a standing position while watching the US Open.

I am dork. A dork with a huge sense of history.


That’s work AT HOME mom to you. Rather than my normal acronym of WOHM – or – work OUT OF THE HOME mom.

We gave our nanny Thursday and Friday of this week off when we had plans to go to DC for the 4th. Those plans were pretty squarely blown out of the water about 2 weeks ago and we couldn’t take back vacation days from our nanny that we had already granted…So I was all “No problem, I’ll take vacation days and hang out with the kid,” but then all of a sudden I had an emergency work thing come up… Arch works for a company who thinks that exactly 10 days of vacation time a year is “generous” and so we were stuck with the WAHM solution. Now here I am working from home and trying to write a board presentation, and Jack, well Jack is eating the board presentation.

Jack has a new obsession with Alpha Baby and Giggles. Both are baby computer games that involve banging on computer keyboards, and then everyone (baby and parents) laughing hysterically at the results. In retrospect it was *maybe* not the best idea in the world to introduce these games to Jack given the amount of work we actually do on computers; but again, here we are, and there goes the email I spent an hour composing with an extra (Y(YPLhdfp98wtr3p23″ added in. Just a little note from Jack. Yeah! Professional reputation be damned!

In all seriousness, I’ve been looking forward to this day all week. Just me, Jack and some minor interruptions from that “work” place. I certainly didn’t get how hard it is balancing Jack’s need for some serious fun and me needing to do some serious work. However, all of the times that Jack has grabbed the phone out of my hand this morning have been forgiven. Why? Well see it’s my lunch date… easily the best (if messiest) business lunch date I’ve had in years…