Winter Words

Its been cold here in the city. Damn cold. So cold that my eyes hurt from the multiple playing of yo gabba gabba.

We do what we can to stay entertained during the weekends. Today we went to Ikea. In Paramus. On purpose.

You see, Sidney (or “nee” as Jack calls him) shares some similarities with his predecessor. He likes to pee in Jack’s room. In the same spot Hollis’ seemed to prefer. So, without over analyzing, Arch and I decided the boy needed a new rug. And so off to New Jersey we went. Arch will post separately on the joys of house-training a puppy in NYC.

Jack took to this Ikea much better than the one in Elizabeth. This one had these little kiosks for kids to play with so, when he had enough, we could just put him in front of kid friendly totem pole and continue with our shopping excursion.

Those Swedes, they’re quite clever.

Jack would turn around ever once in while from batting at large turning objects to smile and just you know, make sure we hadn’t strayed too far… He’s turning into such a little person these days, it’s kind of amazing the changes that are taking place.

Besides the mobility, jack’s vocabulary is expanding. The words are completely unintelligible, but they sound kind of like this:

“do -do” – which clearly means doggy.
“bah – do” – bad dog…hmm – where do you think he got that one from?
“ligh” – referring to light-switches…not lights.
“Bird” – clear as day, very weird.
“buh-buh” – accompanied by some hand licking, which is Jack’s version of blowing a kiss…enough to melt your heart.
“i did it” – but he strings it together so it’s all one word “ididit!” He says it to himself through out the day. Super cute.

Oh. And he signs: All done, more, milk, doggy

The kid is a super genius, I may be biased but I am just saying, my boy, he blows me away.


Tomorrow is Jack’s 11 month OR 8 month birthday. He is doing the following things:

1) Teething
2) Teething
3) Teething
4) trying to crawl
5) did I mention the teething?

He’s getting his top canines and they look like they’re going to be followed pretty quickly by his two front teeth. Getting top teeth is a good thing because up until now Jack has really only had two bottom teeth and that makes chewing things, well, harder.

Despite the clear benefits of having teeth, Jack is not having any fun in the process. Last night we witnessed a baby meltdown the likes of which we hadn’t seen since the winter of 2007.

We were killllllllinnnnnng hiiiiiim with all the teeth and what not.

I tried to explain to him that teething really only happens once in a kid’s life and that it will most likely get better. That said, I haven’t discussed molars with him yet… Maybe he won’t notice those?

Bath Time

Just to be clear: I have no problem giving Jack a bath. Its just being in there with him that’s the problem.

In fact, I’m teaching him how to swim in the bathtub. This is in advance of our planned trip to the East Hampton next weekend where I intend to throw him in the ocean.

According to my Mother, my Father threw me in a pool when I was three weeks old. I figure, I survived, so Jack should be just fine. Plus I’ve given Jack an additional 8 months to prepare. Mostly to compensate for the fact that I’m throwing him into the Atlantic Ocean, not a swimming pool on top of a skyscraper on Lake Shore Drive. But also ’cause I’m a big softie.

See below for photos from training camp.




Almost ready to get out of the tub.


“Father, please remove me from this bath tub as soon as possible.”

This is a 10 month old baby.

With every stupid little milestone, I get more and more used to the idea that he is no longer in mortal danger. Its kinda nice. I like it.

Anyway, this is what a 10 month old Jack looks like. Chillin’ out on Moms side of the bed and playin’ with his snake.

jack on the bed

jack on the bed