We’ve been pretty low key about the speech delay thing around Jack. But the fact is, the kid is delayed, apparently about 37% delayed per Early Intervention.  So. We’ve been pretty creative with the communication with him. We greet each new word with excitement, including the word, “no.”

That’s right. Jack has recently learned the word, “no.” I understand that many parents are dismayed when this happens, (and that it usually happens much earlier), but us? We’re delighted.

It used to be that if Jack wanted something we’d play a guessing game, a looong drawn up guessing game. “Would you like juice, or milk?” was often met with an exasperated look and then perhaps some flinging of the offending item. Today I asked Jack if he wanted Juice and he shook his head “no,” so I prodded him a bit more (I am that kind of Mom after all), “juice?” I asked again, all innocent…and there it was clear as day, emphatic even, “NO.”  I kissed him.

Despite the 37% delay he’s getting much better at telling us what he wants. We were reading The Little Engine that Could this weekend and we passed the page talking about the oranges and apples and creamy milk (with peppermints and lollipops for dessert) when Jack removed the book from my hands and returned to the milk page. I didn’t get it at first so I read it to him again and then turned the page. He did it again, pulled the book away and turned it back to the milk page. So I asked,  “Jack, would you like some milk” and he signed “yes, milk” and then he spoke… “prreeaze.”

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