You know, they don’t call them the terrific twos*

* full attribution to Sam Huxley.

We have entered tantrum land here. The first one or two were pretty alarming, Jack is so snuggly that not being able to touch him as he freaks the eff’ out is a little weird.  The tantrums go for about 20 minutes and involve a lot of sideways angry glances towards me. 2 hours later we get hugs.

Maybe my son is a teenage girl?

He’s also become a bit of a brute. He pushes back from the table with a lot of force, and throws his hands up in the air, aggressively signing “all done!” (well, aggressive as ASL lets you get).  He threw a wooden ball at Sidney’s head the other day and the THWOCK!!! sound was heard all the way at the other end of the apartment.  

It’s amazing to us that the 2 pound 3 ounce preemie is now a big boy. With opinions, and such.

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