Dear Interwebs

It’s been so long since I’ve written.  I hope you’ll forgive me? I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately…I’ve been, you know, huddling in a corner with a bottle of wine thinking about smoking cigarettes (not that I ever would, have you SEEN how much they cost?!!)

So, a couple of items to note:

  • Soon, very soon, we will no longer be calling the island of Manhattan home. I think it’s kind of awesome…although I believe I have mentioned that my fictional middle name is ambivalence.
  • Soon, very soon, we will bid a not so fond farewell to the UWS and the “I LOVE  YOU” dude on the street corner and the crappy ass elevator in our building. I will miss our closet space, and perhaps the water pressure (Arch, did you check the water pressure in the new place?!), and not much else.
  • Work? It’s better-ish. Some days I still do consider running out of the building – and I have recently learned I am not alone in that feeling…safety in numbers I suppose.
  • Jack? Well. He’s got a ball, see? and we talk about it a lot, see? It’s all BALL, BALL, BALL, BALL, BALL – followed by id’ing where Sidney is in the room, followed by further declarative statements regarding said BALL.  I am willing my son to speak because I want to know what the eff is going on his head.


Anyway interwebs, I think you’re kind of nifty and I don’t want you to take  my silence to mean I don’t like you, it’s just, you know, there is stuff happening and we don’t really blog about it. Oh also? We’ve lost our little camera so that’s why you don’t have any pictures. We’re working on fixing that problem ASAP.

Your friend,





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  1. It’s gotta be someplace special to pry you away from water pressure on the UWS… where to? I’m going to guess North?

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