Things about my husband

This format is blatently ripped from another blog, but for the life of me, I can’t remember whose – if you know, let ME know and I’ll give credit where credit is due.

Things that drive me absolutley ape-shit bonkers about the father of my child:

1) Dude. The dishwasher is RIGHT there. You know, under the spot where you just merrily placed your dirty dishes. I said UNDER, man UNDER!

2) Shaving residue.  Thank you for shaving. It means a lot to me. But the whiskers in the sink? With mouthwash residue daintly poured over them? I don’t have the words.

3) The regularity. At 10:30 AM, every morning, I can tell you EXACTLY where you will find the father of my child.

Things I like about my husband:

1) That he will always try to make sure I am well fed…just as my blood suger is plummeting he takes a deep breath, remembers not to take it personally, and hands me a cliff bar.

2) That on mother’s days Jack (read: Archie) got me a new bottle of my favorite scent. I didn’t even have to tell him I was out, he noticed, and took care of it. So thoughtful, so observant…Wolfie’s just fine dear.

3) That you can already see that Jack wants to be just like him. Jack follows him around with big moon eyes just drinking the man up.  Some little boys play with cars, other’s have tool sets. Not Jack. He has his own laptop and would love nothing better than to sit on Arch’s lap all day long, banging away on the keys and looking up at his dad for approval.

I am a lucky lady with various plumbing issues.



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