The Fork.

Having mastered shoveling Ikea brand Swedish Meatballs into his mouth with his hands, yesterday Jack decided it was time to join polite society and master the fine art of using utensils. As you can plainly see, he is a complete master. Also, just after I turned off the camera, he picked up some chopsticks and caught a fly in mid air, Mr. Miyagi style.

[flv width=”500″ height=”283″][/flv]

6 Replies to “The Fork.”

  1. Well, I’ve been struggling with my choice for the caucus tonight, but that clinches it, I’m voting for Jack.

  2. Arch, you sound like you are having lots of fun and I can see that Jack is pretty amused at your suggestions, but very much having a mind of his own. Nice work, both of you. Cute shirt Jack is wearing.

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