Small Beagle for Sale

Older, very soulful male beagle, responds to the name “Hollis.”

Has several warts (what? they build character) and very, very lovely long smushable ears.

Ideal owners must lack a sense of smell. Also? They must be cool with a dog in diapers.

That’s right. The cease fire has been lifted.

2 Replies to “Small Beagle for Sale”

  1. You can throw in my two cats to sweeten any deal.

    Sisters, 8-years-old.

    One, Ralphie, sports a pretty serious gender dysmorphia disorder and marks her territory with urine. Frequently. And her mother is tired–SO TIRED–of mopping and washing the sofa cushions.

    The other, Ella, comes with her very own brand of kidney failure and a father who can’t bear to send her to a “farm.” The other

    I’m just sayin’

  2. Be careful what you wish for! Adorable beagle is strongly desired and could be dognapped!

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