Philly Block Party!

This weekend we went to Grammy Hope’s house for a block party. As I’m sure you can imagine, Jack was a big hit. Apparently, Grammy Hope has been keeping the whole block up to date on Young Master Jacks progress, so when they finally had a chance to meet him it was cause for celebration. And as though a whole roasted pig and Grammy Hope wasn’t enough, Great Grandpa Abe was there too! Frankly, I cant decide which one of them is more dashing, but I can tell you that there is a mere 89.5 year age difference between them and I think thats neat.

Abe and Jack

Abe and Jack

party animal


Edited by Sarah to add
My husband neglected to mention the Blind Albino DJ at my mother’s block party. Said DJ introduced my son (and my poor uncultured husband) to the chicken dance. It was awesome in so many ways.

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  1. Okay, seriously? Jack on the camp chair?

    He’s all, “Oy! I shouldn’t have eaten all those hotdogs. And burgers. And potato salad. And the brats really put me over the edge. Please: come rub the belly.”

    Looks like a wonderful time. And sorry about the Chicken Dance. I thought that had been abolished in the DJ world?

  2. You all noticed that I left before the block party had do do its cleanup. A privilege of being older and wiser. Yes, it was a great party.

    Great grandpa.

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