Jack had his 6 month check up with his pediatric ophthalmologist today. The night before I was distracted and slightly weepy. I had gotten used to all of those doctor’s visits and there was something comforting in having “professionals” follow him so closely. Then when all of his doctors said he was fine, “we don’t need to see him once a week anymore”… that was great and all, but still I worried. What if we, “non-expert parents” that we are, missed something between check-ups?

Jack is being followed for complications related to ROP. He had laser surgery in the NICU and we have been watching his eyes, and his behavior, very closely for any deterioration in his eyesight ever since. Complications from ROP include severe nearsightedness (myopia), strabismus (lazy eye), lack of visual acuity, retinal detachment and blindness.

While Jack is at high risk for all of these things he is doing quite well. In fact, Jack has the eyesight of a normal 8 month old (20/40), with a 10% loss in his peripheral vision. He’s farsighted but that’s a totally normal baby thing.

Arch came with me to this appointment because I was worried that the other shoe was going to drop. Not for any specific reason, but because I worry, you know?

So today, instead of a shoe dropping, we got a “lookin’ good, see you in 6 months…” from the optho. And we got assurances. Assurances that when our little boy smiles at us from across the room, it’s because he can SEE us.

It’s amazing what I used to take for granted.

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