Will it ever get old?

Maybe someday we’ll get sick of telling you how big Jack is, but considering how far we’ve come, I hope you’ll indulge us.

Today my son weighs 14 pounds 12 ounces.

And if I may direct your attention to the flickr photo on the right photo below: That little jumper – I believe it was worn by my little brother when he was 3 months old. Jack has long outgrown it.

More photos and perhaps the second chapter of space babies in space (tm pending), shortly.

evil k-jack-vle?

3 Replies to “Will it ever get old?”

  1. Wow! At nine months, Olivia is only 17 lbs., 8 ozs. Looks like he’s a healthy one : )

    Are you sleeping more?

  2. What ya mean he’s wearing my jumper!!! How did he get it anyhow? I’m in texas. Does he teleport now?

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