That’s right. My boy likes to party.

Now I’ve been known to party til 4:30 AM, rockin’ it old school etc. etc.

But my boy? Oh he likes to get the party started at 4:30 AM.

Now the way his parents deal with said early morning parties differs. There is one parent who gets up and sort of looks at him, determines if the party involves a milk run, or just a nuk reinsertion and returns to sleep, allowing Jack to continue his party solo. However, if the OTHER parent gets up she (ahem) automatically assumes that all parties require copious amounts of warm milk and then brings the little bugger back to bed for little baby keg stands.

Once back in bed Jack continues to rock out, while his parents nod off… only to be awakened shortly thereafter by a tiny baby fist, waving in the air like he just don’t care.

2 Replies to “Paaaartaaaay!”

  1. Go Jack! Go Jack! GO GO GO Jack!

    Maybe Sam could teach him the worm. That was always a crowd pleaser at BD office parties.

    When Finn arrived on the scene, other parents told us just wait until the 3 month mark. It becomes a whole different ball game. They get the difference between day and night and really start sleeping better = parents start sleeping better = everybody much happier. So in Jack math maybe this means the six month mark will be the charm.

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