Birth Story – Part One.

Monday the 27th of November was Jack’s due date. As you know by now, he showed up 3 months early. I committed to setting his birth story to paper here, and I am honoring my commitments.

We did not have an “easy” 1st trimester. Low beta levels, progesterone supplements and a weird shingles scare early on, along with my RH negative status, meant that we saw Dr. Bradley quite a bit more often than most “normal” 1st time parents.

Yeah. I am downplaying it. The 1st Trimester was awful. I actually spent 5 days quarantined at St. Luke’s Roosevelt because the infectious disease team was worried that my “shingles” (which turned out not to be shingles but this.) were going to infect our baby with chicken pox and kill him in-utero. Good times were had by all during this experience, let me assure you.

Fast forward to the end of the 2nd trimester. My health was good, my skin was clear, we got the all clear at the nuchal screening and the anatomy scan and had breathed a sigh of relief. We started thinking about names, touring day-care centers (yes, this happens very early here in the land of competitive parenting) and planning for November. We scheduled our natural birthing classes and did our tour of the birthing center. We skipped the NICU part of the tour to make a dinner reservation.

We were also moving ahead with plans to renovate our brand new apartment. On August 12th, we moved to Arch’s Dad’s house in Connecticut with demolition in NYC scheduled for the morning of August 13th. And demolish they did. Our bathroom, our living room and kitchen were torn down in less then 12 hours. It was impressive to say the least.

The next morning in CT, I put on my very fancy Cadeau red dress over my brand new white (seriously, what the hell was I thinking!) maternity pants and slipped on my new gold sandals. I remember feeling quite happy that morning:

a) I had figured out that the only way to rock the dress over pants look was to be pregnant.

b) I got to wear my snazzy new gold sandals to the office.

I packed my bag, which included an outfit to wear the next day. I was spending the night at my friend Amanda’s house because I was taking an aquamom’s swim class in the city and was not doing the commute back to CT that night with Arch.

We drove in and got to our offices in the city in record time. Around 2ish Amanda called and we discussed what we should have for dinner. I suggested scallops and she said she’d pick some up. As we were talking one of my fabulous gold grecian sandals fell off, I hung up the phone and when I bent over to pick it up, I felt a pop.

I looked down and of course couldn’t see anything because I had a 25 week pregnant belly in my way, so I stood up. As I stood up I felt a gush. I looked at my feet and my beautiful white pants and gold sandles where covered in blood. Bright red blood.

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