Great Grandpa Herb And Other Things to be Thankful For

Yesterday was pretty darned exciting, ’cause Jack had a visit from his great grandpa Herb. Herb is clocking in at 91 years old and he reads this blog everyday. Pretty good for a guy that took up the computer at the young age of 85!

Hi Great Grandpa!

Herb has been keeping tabs on Jack since he first showed up in August. It’s pretty amazing to think that Jack has not one, but two great grandfathers and it was pretty damn cool to be able to introduce Herb to Jack yesterday.

Hey! That segues nicely into my next topic: This year I’ve got a whole new appreciation for Thanksgiving.

We have an amazing little boy at home and he’s doing great. We have family and friends that have helped us along the way, and even when the going got tough, we made it through. For that we are thankful.




PS — Great grandpa Abe! Get your butt up here! Jack can’t wait to meet you!

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  1. Greetings from Barcelona. How lovely to have these photos of a clearly joyous Grandpa Herb who has been looking forward to this moment, and also of Grand Aunt Joanne who has been right on the roller coaster with us from the beginning. There is nothing like a life changing event to help with the old priorities – family, health, the truly important things for which to be thankful. Love and kisses from us. The only turkey we saw yesterday was sculpted on the side of the Familia Sagrada Cathedral designed by Gaudi.

  2. Hey there El,
    GGH ( that’s Great Grandpa Herb to Jack) and I had a totally joyful visit with Jack, Sara and Archite. They all look happy and there is a great calm that miraculously seems to be the uberambient environment chez the Schladen/Smart household.
    Jack is so cute. He was sporting tow beautiful outfits, both striped ( that let’s you know they are still in) and he and Sara are color coordinating, although I am not clear on whether this is intentional or meerly the happy and cool “coiciidink”.
    As I told Archie today, ya’ know…..I hate to say this to ya’ knowing how special a boy Jack is, and because Jack is so new and all that, buy hey…he looks just like any other little newborn….except, of course, he is a just a little more beautiful. Oh, and for sure, the red hari is coming, just check out his eyebrows!!
    Love you,

  3. I have been following the baby’s progress since Grandma E directed me to the website . It took
    the pictures of Herb to motivate me to all look great! Hope to see the baby be-fore the Bar Mitzvah


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