An RSV Primer – Pimpin’ the Purell

In honor of Jack’s synagis shot today (which made BOTH of us cry) and because we’re officially in RSV season here, I thought I’d provide answers to all those little questions we’ve been getting. Questions such as: Are you coming to Thanksgiving? Are you coming to Christmas? When can we come and visit for the weekend? Well the answers are: probably not, we don’t know and April.

So, to start the education process, may I present an RSV FAQ…

1) What is RSV? – Respiratory syncytial virus (sin-SISH-shul VI-rus) (RSV) is a very common virus. RSV causes mild cold-like symptoms in adults and children and severe colds and serious respiratory problems in premature babies or babies with heart or lung conditions.

2) Why are you being such a freak about it? – Premature babies such as Jack have a high risk of getting very sick if they catch RSV. This is because premature babies do not have fully developed lungs. Also, because Jack was born early, he may not have received all the antibodies from me that would help him fight off RSV and other viruses. RSV can be incredibly severe for premature babies and could bounce Jack right back into the NICU. We’re not really interested in that around here, so yes, we’re taking it very seriously.

3) Is there anything that can be done to prevent Jack from getting sick? Funny you should ask, YES! According to our neonatologist, Jack will receive a monthly shot called Synagis during RSV season (October through May). Synagis can help mitigate some of the severity of RSV but will not prevent it.

Also, Jack can not be around any small children, strangers, large groups or people who have even the hint of a cold until he’s about 12 months. Unfortunately this means Jack can not hang out with Helen or Mabel anytime soon.

I think this also means taking Jack with us to bars is out.

3 Replies to “An RSV Primer – Pimpin’ the Purell”

  1. Sounding out “VI-rus” may have been a bit over the top!
    Mommy Smart had a go with this particular VI-rus–she barked like a seal until the very early morning hours for several days running. It is not a joyful sound. You are right to take it very seriously.

    Pictures are delicious…and I think his nose is a perfect nose

  2. Bar hopping with babies ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s kinda hard to get your drink on when you know you’re going to be up every few hours with the little pumpkin. Stay home and snuggle with each other instead. Much more fun.

    Helen will be patient. For the time being, she is content to commune with Jack via this fabulous blog. The other day we were watching one of the videos together and she said “bwa bwa aaaheee,” which I totally agree with.


  3. Dear Jack,

    You look great! I’m out in Colorado visiting Damema. Yesterday we went to Rabbit Mountain and saw lots of prairie dogs, rabbits, and elk (or some kind of large ungulate). I think you would like the prairie dogs. They pop out of their holes, sing, and pop back in. Very cute. And they eat their young on a regular basis! We believe this may be an evolutionary adaptation to their difficulty in finding sufficient protein. Anyway, love your blog! Keep drinking your milk! When you get sprung from the hospital I’ll take you out to see “Borat” while Mommy & Daddy go to the bar.

    Love, GUJ

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