Not much to report

Well, today was a pretty much totally average day. Really. Jack ate, pooped and slept. His eyes are recovering nicely and they upped him to 40cc’s of milk per feeding. He’s getting the hang of the eating/breathing/swallowing thing, so the he’s having fewer desatts while he’s eating, which is nice.

This post is lame, so I’m going to bed. It’s 11:48pm. Really. You should go to bed too.

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  1. JK,
    Well, i know it’s been awhile since I posted and of course you are obviously anxious to know a few things so let’s get started.

    1.) The Halloween thing, well don’t feel too deprived as you had a fantastic costume courtsey Emily Puskar. Trust me, you were a lot more stylin then some of the other babies out there.

    2.) I am told this happens, when you get older, so be prepared, your parents make you pick 10 pieces of the candy from your fabulous haul (and then portion them out over like 9 years) and then take the rest of your loot to the office. Where is the justice in that? I mean seriously, you do all the work and then you only get 10 pieces of candy?? whatever. rebel.

    3.) Peepers – As you know, I can totally hook you up with some cool vision wear, so don’t fret. And maybe you’ll need them at 3 and maybe you’ll need them at 5 or 16 or 50, who knows. Either way I’ve got you covered– I was rockin’ my cats’ eye, pink lucite and rhinestone reading glasses in the office today and let me tell you, they are always a hit and such a change from my normal eye gear. It’s all about the element of surprise my friend. We’ll work on it.

    I have to go to bed.
    love you
    p.s, you had the eye job but any news on the nose job?

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