Why my son will never be drafted.

And you thought this was a political post, HAH!

Jack’s ROP progressed. He’s getting laser surgery as I type this on the hospital’s crappy COMPAQ from 1982. Basically, the surgery cauterizes the malformed blood vessels in his eyes, stopping the progression of the disease.

What does this mean long term? Well, as with everything, we don’t know. He will likely have 20/20 vision, with glasses, and will need to be in specs by the age of 3, maybe earlier. He’ll be nearsighted and will be a candidate for Lasik surgery when he has stopped growing.

He has alreadly lost his extreme peripheral vision (the kind of sight where, if you extend your arms next to you, you can still kind of see your hands), and he’ll never be a fighter pilot. Which I am cool with.

Update: The surgery went well. He will be followed closely for the next 10 weeks and may need a follow up surgery depending on the aggressiveness of the disease but right now, that doesn’t look like it will be necessary. Considering all of things that could have gone wrong in the past two months, a little near-sightedness I can live with…

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  1. Nothing wrong with being near sighted! Besides, by the time he’s old enough for Lasik surgery it will probably be so advanced that it’s not even surgery and they just create a new perfect lens for him or something…go Jack go!

  2. Some of the finest people I know are near-sighted, so his vision only makes him a better person for it. Plus, it makes reading a whole lot easier.

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