Full-Fledged Expectant Father

So this evening, I did something I wasn’t really expecting to do. It’s a right of passage that every father must face, and while I knew that I would be up to the task, I wondered if this day would ever come.

I am of course, referring to the unboxing and assembly of Jack’s crib.

It was amazing, and all joking aside, I really wondered if the day would every come. I mean, until recently, we didn’t want to have too much baby stuff in the house, ’cause if it went to the other way, I don’t think we could have faced a room full of baby stuff. But anyway, things are going pretty well, and so last week we bought a crib, and today I took the plunge and built the thing.

Also, today, at the hospital, while I was kangarooing with him, something big happened. Sarah saw Iris, who was one of our nurses while Sarah was in the hospital in the lead up to Jack’s arrival.  Iris stopped by to ask if Sarah would speak with a couple that was in a similar situation to ours. 27 weeks pregnant and having a scheduled c-section either tonight, or tomorrow morning due to pre-term labor. They needed to see that there was some hope for them.

That really struck me. Jack was providing hope. Wow. We’ve come a long way.

I really wanted that to be the end of the post, but I forgot to mention that Jack is now a 5 pound and 2 ounce baby who is off the cannula. Also, I know that all you care about is pics, but I left my camera at work, so you’ll have to survive on just my feelings until tomorrow.

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  1. Just remember that any project is a good reason to buy more tools…I think the crib was probably equal to an 18 volt driver, a couple of socket wrenchs, maybe a laser tape measure….Good to see that post..!

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