Not so fast.

Ok. well apparently, Jack went back on the cannula last night, ’cause he was having more desatts.


This is what I mean when I write that everything ends in “for now”. It’s frustrating, ‘casue I feel like he’s progressing in leaps and bounds, but then we have another setback. I mean, it’s not a big setback or anything, but still. I want him at home with me, and a setback, however small, lengthens the time before that happens. AAARG!!!

They tell us that they are going to try again tonight, so stay tuned. He may even finally cross over to the big five pound mark today. Who knows?

One Reply to “Not so fast.”

  1. Ah, it must be hard I am sure. You do see how far he’s come, i am sure. Much more so than we viewers at home do. I am amazed at the pictures of him these days. Guys huge!

    It’s good that he’s there until he’s all cleared and ready for home. It’s probably more frustrating than I realize to feel so close and yet so far. But keep on giving the man the love he needs and before you know it he will be at home and you will be so sleep deprived you’ll confess to leaking to Bob Novak.

    And look on the bright side: it gives you more time to fine tune Firefox 2 to your demanding specifications. And also to get rid of any of those last few super gey pirate shirts you have lying around.

    With love (it’s cold up here. The lobsters are wearing parkas),


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