If I am so tired, why am I posting?

I find myself bone tired today. I fell asleep in the NICU holding Jack, the nurses thought it was funny, I was too tired to laugh.

I am sure that someday I will look back on the last 2 + months as a life-changing event and I know we’re living through something extra-ordinary, but right now I just want a slice of normalcy. Jack is the last baby of his “class” in the NICU. All of the babies that he entered with, Baby Jones the Baby Zahn’s and little Jackson & Quinn are long gone. It’s just us and I am not a fan of being alone.

Anyway, enough about me, I’ll snap out of this after a good long nap.

Jack is indeed back on the Cannula, but it’s clear that he still needs it to be comfortable. He’s “nippling” all of his feeds, which means no more Gavage tube, it’s all bottle from here on out. As a side note, anytime a nurse says “nippling,” you can just see Arch restraining a little giggle.

All the hard work that Jack is doing eating is keeping him from gaining weight and flipping over to the 5 pound mark. I suspect they’ll increase his feedings tomorrow and we’ll get to that milestone pretty quickly thereafter. Oh and Jack’s ROP is indeed progressing. While no one has said “yes” he needs surgery, we’re clearly being prepared by the neonatologists for that eventuality. The wonderful Dr. Klien has spent a lot of time explaining what the issue and why he may need laser surgery. That will be a seperate post as I am just pooped over here.

We’re almost there folks, it’s close, it’s just not close enough.

3 Replies to “If I am so tired, why am I posting?”

  1. Bone tired–it’s why it takes two, probably four–maybe a village to raise a kid, and probably a whole damn continent to go through what you three have been through.

    I was suppressing a giggle or two on the “swap a nipple” line a few posts ago.

  2. not clear what the currentdevelopment implies.apparently it is a matter that may require co
    rrection and wont go away by itself whatever, ,homecoming delay by another name!

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