It is very very very important for everyone to know that today, October 25th 2006, my mother Ellen Safir, visited Jack at the NICU. I love my mother very much. Thank you for coming mom!

Now, on to our regularly scheduled post…

We’ve secretly been using this revolutionary new product every time we go to the NICU, and all I can tell you is that it really works! Jack is now off of the cannula and breathing regular room air (which is 21% oxygen by the way).

To celebrate, Jack said “to heck with it” and had a second piece of chocolate cake. The really crazy part is that you’d never know that he was such a nut for the chocolate, ’cause he simply refuses to flip over the five pound marker. As of 5 minutes ago, Jack was weighing in at 4 pounds and 15.8 ounces. Damnit!

In this first pic, he is working very very hard on a poop. Luckly, he didn’t succeed until after Sarah and I left, ’cause from the look of things, it was a doozy.

No Cannula


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  1. Firstly, Jack is cute. Not just regular cute. He’s super-cute. Secondly, I’m so happy to see his cute face without that non-cute medical equipment stuck to it. Thirdly, I noticed that Jack is rockin’ the street clothes. It’s like he’s planning on going home soon or something. Fourthly, since Jack is rockin’ the street clothes and most people aren’t familiar with the world of baby diapers, I want to point out that Jack is so big he’s no longer wearing preemie diapers. Having seen, in person, the size of his first diapers, I must say that I am impressed. He hasn’t even hit his due date and he’s wearing big boy undergarments. What’s next? Boxers?

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