Bath Time!

Jack has a bath last night, He didn’t like it at first, but when he got out and all wrapped up, thats when he started crying.


I think that we may be out of the grams game. My baby is big enough to be weighed in pounds. Thats right, P O U N D S!!

And to kick things off…

Jack weights four pounds and eleven ounces. Nearly 5 pounds. He’s HUUUUUUGGEEE! All his nurses tell us so. He drank his entire 8:00pm feeding of 40cc’s of milk from a bottle last night (expertly administered by yours truly), clearly the reason for his massive growth spurt.

5 Replies to “Bath Time!”

  1. That yawn just about tells it all.

    That lil’ man is styling in the NICU. One day he will look at you as you bathe him in the sink or wherever, and you know the look will be one of, “Once, I was a king. I had minions at my beck and call. People to bathe men and wrap me up.”

    Of course, I am sure he will be all over bath time at home with Mom and Dad. As long as Dad ain’t wearing the pirate shirt.


  2. Oh my god, that was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen….aside from my own children, I mean, of course, ahem (is Lily reading this?). That shock of black hair is great. Sorry, Archie. The next one will be all you.

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