Your Basic Update.

Jack is doing very well these days (although that damn “for now” still chimes in occasionally). He was briefly up to 1750 grams last night, and then had a giant, well, you know, so that took him back down a bit (my husband is smirking somewhere).

We’ve been kangarooing up a storm and Jack seems to really like it. His breathing patterns get really regular and his sats remain in the mid 90s.

In general things are looking up for the boy. But, no, we won’t know when he’s coming home and we most likely won’t know until a day or two before hand (this is well worn line at this point, so please I am begging, stop asking). Mid to late November is our guess right now.

Okay, next topic.

I’d like to address the noise from certain sectors re: visitation and cleanliness.

While in the NICU, Jack can only have two visitors at time, including a parent at the bedside. This policy has been limiting honored guests to mostly family.

Last week Gran-E and Grandpa Peter were up and spent some QT with the boy, but they missed the big cannula event and have not yet seen the little dude outside of his isolette. We’re looking forward to introducing him to the Safir’s without a 1/2 inch pane of plexi in-between him and them…

Indeed, as Jack comes out of the isollette more and more these days, we’ve gotten pretty strict about the health of our visitors. Even a sniffle buys you a one way ticket  to the waiting room and a recent missive regarding flu shots was sent to friends and family.

I am not looking forward to being the germ police and I swear I don’t think my hands have been this clean in my entire life. All of this is being said so that you’re not horribly offended if Arch and I don’t do a lot of hand shaking or hugging with our friends,  family or even work people. I recently kicked someone out of my office who had a cold just by pointing at a picture of Jack.

Yep. I’m “that mom” now.

4 Replies to “Your Basic Update.”

  1. In my book, anything is worth doing to ensure my beautiful grandson’s health. Zeke and I got our flu shots, but “that mom” didn’t require us to produce the paperwork (which I did have) to prove it. So you see she’s not THAT tough.

  2. Be “that mom” and “that dad” with reckless abandon. Having just gotten over my first two daycare related illnesses (two in one week!), I am the proudly carrying little bottles of Purell with me wherever I go. I never realized germs could be so germy. This is coming from a formerly wanna-be-laid-back mommy who thought worried mommies were silly. Babies have a funny way of changing your whole outlook on life.

    Jack, you’re truly rockin’ these days. This whole cannula thing has me over the moon! I love the pictures of you and your pretty mom hanging out looking all blissed out. Your little fingers are divine! Who does your nails? I can’t wait to see you again!



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