A question in passing…

So while Sarah was at the hospital today, two things happened. One on purpose, and the other… well keep reading.

So one of the big tests that Jack has to pass before he can come home is he has to be able to breathe and eat at the same time. Now, I know that for some of you this isn’t much of a challenge, while others of you have mastered the art of drinking wine while laying completely flat on your back, but remember, Jack is much smaller than you.

So imagine my surprise when I got an IM from Sarah saying that Jack ate 5cc’s of milk from a bottle. While breathing. Like he was eating AND breathing. Like at the same time like.

So that’s pretty major. But the hits just keep on coming. So, Sarahs’ in there, talkin’ to the nurses, and one of ’em asks “So is everything ready for Jack at home?”….


What did they mean “home”? Like, I was thinking that he would just stay at the NICU ’till he was 18. Is that not how this works? Crap. I wish someone had mentioned this to me earlier.

Now its not happening anytime soon, and like Sarah said, they only give us like two days notice. But it’s pretty radical that its even being mentioned at all. And particularly since it’s usually so hard to get anything out of the nurses. That must be a good sign. I hope.

Lastly, I’m re-posting this picture. I realize that it amounts to a rerun, but it’s friggin’ awesome and this is our blog and I can do whatever I want. So there.

Sacked out

Oh. He now weighs 1795 grams, and he is very very close to the four pound mark. Sweet!

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  1. we have been following Jack’s progress. We were in Itlay for 6 days and are back and thrilled with the good news ! Go Jack ! love Frances and allen

  2. Home, eh? I couldn’t imagine better news. Have you explained things to Hollis?

    We love you guys and can’t wait to meet that lil’ fighter.

  3. Sounds like Jack will be as talented as the rest of us! I bet he’s got “tops no bottoms” mastered too! WELCOME ABOARD BUDDY! XOXO Adam and Jeanne

  4. Ah, tears of joy! THis is so wonderful!

    He looks in the picture as if he’s saying, “Wait! I get to go somewhere else with these great people? How freaking cool is that?!”

    Wonderful news. We are so happy for you.



  5. JK,
    okay, most imprortant things first.

    Eating,breathing and delivering massive diaper bombs on your own- WTF (stands for really bad curse words that your Daid will explain later) and you didn’t tell me?? Shame on you. I mean really, at this point, hasn’t either your Dad or Uncle Michael given you a lap top where you can share your own updates? (If not, you should definitely talk to them about it.)

    Okay my friend, you’ve set the bar at new level. I’m starting to think you’ve acquired more and more of your Mom’s (also known as Sarah, but don’t call her that, well ever) type A personality traits. The bar is never high enough, so let’s give this one a whirl, in addition to our previously agreed upon schdule. Step down room this weekend, right? The bottle feeding through me for a loop, so I’m expecting the intake to go up and the anticipated weight at discharge to be very close to 7lbs. I myself was a full term petite bebe weighing in at a massive 6 lbs, 9 ounces, so I think you can beat that, right?

    On to other news,

    a.) has anyone explained to you yet that you’re a celebrity baby and everyone is clamoring to see you? I cannot tell you how many calls I’ve taken by the NY Times, The Wall Street Journal, Crain’s, the Economist, the FT, the AP, US Weekly, Star and The Enquirer and In ToUch– can we please get a photo op for a few minutes or a comment and I say, no no no, Jack is only avaiable when he’s available, you’ll just have to deal and no comment please.

    b.) your dad is worried about this whole coming home thing, but don’t worry, the project i mentioned, well that will help. we’ll get you all squared away, more details later.

    c.) Uhm, I know there has been a lot of kangaroo action recently and you seem cool with it, but what are the details behind it? I mean I know what happens, but do you have to see Mom and Dad disrobe (ick!– no offense Sarah and Arch)

    In terms of world events,
    Our friend Kim is still grounded by China until he’s 37 or an adult H5N1 (also known as bird flu and thank god it’s not where you are!) was once again detected in a human in Egypt, Iraq is falling apart at the seams, but that’s nothing new, Putin is having some problems with a.) china and b.) two assisnations in less than a month– one a fianance/banking reform dude and one a journalist. neither of which is good.

    It’ll be real chilly tonight. Put on a sweater.

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