No mustache and other news.

Jack has officially gotten rid of his mustache, which is nice. In part ’cause I don’t think that anyone was really buying it.

I mean, sure, he’s huge now, topping out at 1700 grams tonight, but come on Jack, a mustache? Really, thats just not believable. You’re a baby. Babies don’t have mustaches, let alone velcro ones.

When I got to the NICU this evening, I walked in to find all of the lights off in the room that Jacks been in for his whole life. That was scary for a sec, but it turns out he just went on his first road trip. OK, sure, there was no actual road, and the trip was just one room over, (not all the way across the hall to the step-down room) but still. He’s still pretty little, so proportionally, it was quite a full day. Realizing this, it came as no surprise that I found Jack sacked out on his stomach lookin’ all tired and cute and stuff.

Sacked out

Pinky vs. Hand

Sacked out

This last one might be my all-time favorite.

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  1. Jack,
    First of all, I’m sorry we haven’t talked in a few days, so it’s time to get caught up with a nice long chat. Rest assured, although we haven’t talked, i’ve been keeping tabs on your progress and the schedule we set last week, which we gotta talk about man, but you must be asking yourself — what oh what could keep you from writing me missives on a daily basis?? Praytell, what is more important than that??

    1.) Well, you were giving me some great updates on some long overdue issues, mainly the status of the pooping, but I have yet to get any info on the rhinoplasty. What’s up with that?

    2.) You were pretty much keeping on track with the schedule, minus the whole move to the step-down room with the Zahns, so I didn’t want to put any additional pressure. You know how demanding I can be. (BTW, which do you prefer, Stuyvesant (I have connections there) or Brooklyn Latin? (I don’t have connections there, but I can see what I can do.) More on this later re: schedule.

    3.) Your mom and I talked and decided to work on a little project for you. I can’t give you much detail right now but I will when I can so that has taken up some time. Time I normally spend babbling to you.

    4.) Remember when I told you about the whole job thing and in my update of world events and told you that North Korea was totally insane and China, well we’d just have to wait and see what happened? Just blame it all on Kim Jong Il (who coincidentally I think is about your height) That dude has taken up more of my time with his shenanigans this week. I would curse, but Emily Pushkar is reading this site. Anyhoo, in a nutshell, to update you on world events, Kim did a totally boneheaded move and tested a nuclear weapon and didn’t tell his friends that he was getting ready to deliver the mother of all diaper bombs and then China, where he gets a lot of his goods from and are close allies with got irritated because they didn’t know about it and said, hey man, this is a “flagrant” act which we don’t support and in the Chinese world, that means, no you can’t take the car and you’re grounded until your 37 and I’m really,really upset with you. It will be like when your mom says, “Jack Kaden Smart, get in here” seriously. So that’s about it, we’ll see what happens. I’ll keep you posted. I know that was a lot to process in a short amount of time.

    Okay, enough about that, on to schedule:
    So, we’ve made some good progress with the breathing, eating and kangaroo thing, but let’s focus on the step down room. End of the week maybe? Remember, again, you set the bar, not I so let’s just focus on release. (Note I’m going to the dr. tomorrow to get the whole flu shot and stop smoking thing under control.)

    Also, the milk bong thing is quite awesome, although I’ve never heard of it before, it makes perfect sense! Let’s keep it going shall we? I’m thinking that maybe we could get you up to 7 lbs by the time you leave. Now, don’t tell me it isn’t possible, I looked at the last pictures and thought to myself, good lord that is a chubby little thigh, just about ripe for nibbling! (Have your parents starting doing that by the way? I know it’s a little weird, but we adults do that kind of thing.)

    So these are the things that I have to tell you, just so you know about them and are prepared.

    1.) Squirrels, no matter how cute and fuzzy they appear to be, are not. They are basically rats with fluffy tails and are vicious marauders. If you don’t believe me, see the NY times science section from Oct. 3, they confirm it.

    2.) No doubt, you’ll live with some folks in your neighhourhood who do odd things like go picking Hen of the Woods mushrooms in Prospect Park and come back with literally, a 200 pound mushroom and try to a.) give you some of it and b.) ask you to come on a mushroom picking expedition. It’s up to you if you decide to do either one, but be prepared it will happen.

    So that’s about it.
    love you,

  2. KIds,

    Re: Anniversary! Happy Happy! ALice and I spent our tenth in the Charles Hotel. What a pair of rubes! Flatscreen in the john! Room service! Free grapefruit jellies! Congrats on yours! One day, you’ll be rubes in a five star hotel, too.

    Re: Mustache! It’s arch’s kid after all. I’m glad it’s gone, but he’ll grow one back at twleve.




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