Can you say….


Thats right, the boy is off of the CPAP and on to greener pastures! As you’ll see in the pictures, he still has a Velcro mustache, but it was only there so that they could get him back on the CPAP in a hurry if necessary. It may be gone already, ’cause the initial reports are that he’s doing will on cannula, I’ll have an update tomorrow. Also, I changed Jacks “famous” diapers today. I gotta say that while I was prepared for the worst, it was totally no biggie. A little poop. And while I was changing him, he peed on my hand a bit. I didn’t even care. I’m a parent now, my kid can pretty-much do whatever he wants right now and I’ll think its just swell. Heh.

Suddenly, it occurs to me that this is a permanent record of this part of Jacks life, and that whole “he can do whatever..” part might come back to haunt me in about 16 years…

Sarah got to do a little kangaroo care today as I took approximately one million pictures. So without further adieu…

Mom and Jack

Mom and Jack

Mom and Jack

Mom and Jack

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  1. Jackpot! these are the pictures we’ve all been waiting for!!! Mama and Jack look so happy together.. So happy here… Go Jack go! We are all so proud of you. Love, Elsa

  2. What a great 2nd anniversary (one day early) set of photos! A beautiful Mother and child having the joy of togetherness, with Dad documenting the moment. Congratulations you two. As to Arch’s comment on the future challenges of parenting … the keys to the car won’t be necessary at least for two or three years. Love from Gran E and Gran P

  3. What a beautiful sight (and site)!!! Jack and Sarah look so happy together, and I’m sure the guy on the other side of the camera is pretty darn happy too. Wonderful news, bravo!

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