I’d curse, but Emily Puskar reads this blog, so I won’t.

But you can imagine what I’d say if I told you that there was no cannula. Again. The word begins with an “f” and ends with a “ck.” The word is not “firetruck”

Instead, the doctors decided that Jack would try something ELSE that was new today. Today we started bowless feeds, or what I call the baby milk bong. Similar to a beer bong except with milk, not beer, Jack receives 1 ounce of breast milk every 3 hours via gravity. Up until today, Jack received his feedings via a pump that spread the delivery out over an hour. A picture below illustrates the baby milk bong.

Needless to say, we were incredibly disappointed to see that Jack hadn’t graduated to the cannula. All of his nurses are grumbling that the doctor is being too cautious, although I suppose in this case, caution is good. Whatever, I am trying to be positive here.

On a scatological note, Jack is the talk of the NICU despite the lack of cannula. His poops are legend. His nurses asked me to have Arch come up for one of his care groups so that Arch could change a “full load” (seriously, this is their term, not mine). The nurses were mighty disappointed when Jack failed to produce. Arch dodged a bullet, this time.


What a baby beer bong looks like

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  1. Speaking of milk….I would like to thank Jack, Sarah and Archie for the gift they have given me. I would have thanked you all sooner but I did not know of your precious sacrifice. Imagine my goodfortune when I went to get an Annie’s frozen meal out of the freezer and sitting right underneath it was a lone frozen bag of milk. Thanks guys!

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