Happy negative 11 weeks little man!

And what a 2 week birthday it was.

We’ll start with the GOOD news:

1) Arch met Jack, Jack met Arch. That’s right, outside of an insolette even. After several days of me Hogging All the Holding, Arch got to hold his son. I was touched, Arch was freaked, Jack was happy.

2) Do you know a baby who weighed in at a hulking 1210 grams? Because I do. 4 ccs of breast milk every 3 hours does a body good…

And since you’re now all along for the ride, you know that there are always at least 2 steps back:

1) Damn French Fry Warmer. Yep, it’s back.

2) The Desatts keep coming and he had two Big Brady’s in a row today. The whole forgetting to breath thing? Yeah, we’re not fans.

7 Replies to “Happy negative 11 weeks little man!”

  1. Man, I’m s sorry you had to wait that long to hold El Preemie Rey. I’m sure there’s a medical reason there I missed in the posts. Well, you should be nervous about holding the man. He’s the future. Having the future right ther ein front of you is terrifiying in many different ways. Also wonderful of course.

    Jaundice is a pain in the butt. Sophia wnet in and out a couple of times, but they got it straight eventually.

    Glad he’s growing huger and hugerer.


  2. Happy 2-week birthday, Jack! Now, no slacking off just because you rank so high on the baby awesomeness scale. I want to see 10cc’s per feeding by your 3-week birthday. Do you realize how much work your mother’s doing to make you those meals?

  3. what lucy said, happy two week birthday jack! a few notes from your Auntie Victoria
    a.) you’re super damn cute. i don’t think you remember my visit, so i’ll try to come again soon when your mom let’s me. (p.s. i’m a bad influence so obviously i have to be closely monitored when visiting. between you and me, i will let you do all sorts of things the ‘rents won’t when you get a bit older, so you’ve got some fun to look forward to.)
    b.) baby awesomeness scale must continue to climb. Although, i have some higher expectations that Aunt Lucy, I’d like to see 15 ccs of milk when you’re 3 weeks. Come on now, mom is working hard.
    c.) don’t worry about the whole not breathing thing. my dad is ancient, like 70, and he sleeps with a CPAP machine every night and he’s totally fine. I personally prefer to call it the darth vader mask, your dad can explain next time he sees you. If he doesn’t, drop me a line and I’ll fill you in. So basically, don’t worry, just use it when you need to.
    d.) Call me when you’re ready to discuss rocking your wardrobe in the NICU. I’ve done a lot of online research on this and I know, I know you’re not going to be happy with it, but the best stuff, shockingly and slightly horrifying is from the gap.
    e.) love you

  4. Damn, I better hurry up and send you that hat, or you’re going to be too big to wear it! You go, big boy.

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