Day 3

Today is going well so far. I guess the thing is, that if nothing bad happens, then it’s a good day. We spoke with Jack’s Dr. today and he says that Jack is doing better that expected. The thing that we are learning is that all of the Doctors and nurses end every sentence with …”for now”.

Like Jack is doing better than expected… FOR NOW. They also say that the road is a rocky one, and that there will be good day and bad.

I am a genius, and I forgot our camera at Amanda’s house, so no new pictures today. I realize that Jack already has adoring fans, and that fans demand pictures. So don’t fret, more pics are on the way.

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  1. Hey Archie, he looks like you!!!! What an amazing kid. (and not just because he looks like you….) Lots of love to you and Sarah. We’re thinking of you guys all the time.

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